Software Projects

I studied Computer Science and minored in Philosophy at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. When I left university I immediately realized that the future of things to come was in exploring the internet and the business opportunities it presented so I proceeded to follow that path. Since 1997 I have been working with databases and writing business software applications. Below are some examples of application development work I did leading up to when I started Enerchi Software Design in 2003.

enACTION: A powerful application written in Perl that takes a database and allows it to be accessed using a web browser. Once 'enacted' the programmer can use many routines provided to create forms and reports to access, update, and easily view the data. It is a multi-user platform and inherently set up for local Intranet or Internet use. I also implemented client solutions for Xview Solutions Inc. using the enACTION software I wrote. I was a partner from 1997 to 2001. These included an inventory system for a warehousing company called Paramount Storage Inc. and an accounting and cheque-generating system for IATSE Local 63. This software has been in use in business-critical systems since 1999, and IATSE Local 63 still uses enACTION to this day.

IDview: A hardware/software solution to allow a business to take a picture simultaneously of a client and his/her photo ID. The concept was developed by Xview Solutions Inc and I designed and developed the software. This system had a number of potential uses, such as building security, immigration and border check points.