Back in 1996, Brad Fenwick's vision was to build websites before the internet became popular or having a website was necessary to be competitive in the business world. The internet exploded and Enerchi Software Design was created and continued to evolve with the times and technology.

Today websites are where most businesses and commerce begins and intersects. Modern website development has reached a high level of complexity with e-commerce, databases, live feeds, mobile-friendly access, and tools for users and administrators. Enerchi Software Design takes this seriously and is here to provide you with solutions for all your business needs.

What does my website need?

Your site needs to be graphically strong. Brad uses the design services of Graphic Chamber in South Florida.

Your site needs to be technically strong. Brad Fenwick has the technical expertise in developing re-usable site templates. Sites often need an administrative back-end where you, the client, can log in to update your own content. You may also need solutions for specific business applications. Enerchi Software Design can completely customize your site and specializes in database design and development.

What kind of website can I do?

There are many kinds of websites on the internet today. There are Content Management Systems such as Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla that you can use which may suit your needs. You will find that there are many companies and individuals who design very beautiful websites, but without the programming background to allow their clients to control their own content or make the content dynamic. However, if you need guidance in developing your very first site, want to customize an existing site, or require a sophisticated database to help run your business, Enerchi Software Design can provide the services you need. Enerchi Software Design can help your website evolve as your needs change and your business grows.

Will my new site be mobile-friendly?

One of the biggest trends today is for websites to be fully mobile-friendly (formally called Fluid or Responsive Design). Enerchi Software Design now offers this service. We can either convert your existing site or develop your site so that it is mobile-friendly from the start. For some examples of our work, please visit our Portfolio page.