Client Websites

Brad Fenwick has been a website developer since 1997. In 2003, he formed Enerchi Software Design with a focus on local Manitoba companies and has since penetrated the US market. He now serves several clients in Florida. See list below.

Most of the sites listed below have an administration back-end that provides the client with multiple ways of updating their site and managing their data and clients. A typical site project would include design and layout, setting up the administration back-end, designing and integrating the database, and extensive software development to enable the various features to display dynamically. Our strength lies in the functionality of the websites we create and maintain and our talent is often 'hidden under the hood'.

Currently, Enerchi Software Design has been developing custom Wordpress Mobile-Friendly websites entirely in PHP/HTML5/CSS3 that work on any browser or mobile platform. Below is just a short list of more than 100 sites we have done in the last few years.